Why Synergy, Why Now


Our Synergy team has all the necessary components in place to ensure your success!

Listen to our Founder and CEO, Dan Higginson, explaining how Synergy has the 5 key factors in place and why now is the perfect time to join our team.


Hear the full version of the interview with Dan Higginson, Presidential Paul Blad and Pearl Executive Bart Woodcook.


Bart Woodcook talks with his friend, the documented #1 earner in network marketing history, about the importance of these cornerstones and why he has joined Synergy Worldwide.


There are 5 key factors that must be in place for you to have long term success and security with any company.

1- Company Pic2


Stable Company – The company must be financially stable and debt free with a corporate staff that works with the team members.



2 - Products Pic


Life Changing Products – The products need to be life changing products that the consumer will continue to buy time after time.



3 - Timing Pic

Timing and Trends – The company needs to have positioned itself at the forefront on upcoming trends to ensure future growth.




4 - Comp Plan Pic


Compensation Plan – The compensation plan needs to encourage teamwork and create a win-win situation for everyone involved.




5 - Team System Pic


Teamwork and a System – The system needs to encourage everyone to work together and be easy for anyone to duplicate.